> > Suzanne Buchan: Professorial Inaugural Lecture
Suzanne Buchan: Professorial Inaugural Lecture
9 October 2013

Suzanne Buchan

Professorial Inaugural Lecture

Pervasive Animation Matters

From the Arts and Work to the Everyday

Wednesday 9 October 2013

5.15pm Hatchcroft Building, Room H116

RSVP A&DSLO@mdx.ac.uk

Animation is pervasive in contemporary moving image culture, occupying, informing and politicising many academic, public and private spaces. With a focus on independent and arts-based animation, this lecture investigates specific aesthetics of and theoretical approaches to the artistic legacy of animation, from the 'stuff' of pre-digital celluloid formats through to intangible digital phenomena. It also explores animation's impact on media convergence as animation infiltrates everyday life, defining the home, the studio and the workplace via new media platforms.