> > Suzanne Buchan: Invited lecture, Lausanne [copy]
Suzanne Buchan: Invited lecture, Lausanne [copy]
Journ�e d��tude: Nag et Gis�le Ansorge Cin�math�que Suisse, Lausanne, May 14 2014

Suzanne Buchan invited speaker in Lausanne

Prof Suzanne Buchan is invited to deliver the lecture ‘Behind, Beside, In Front: An Aesthetics of Empathy in Nag Ansorge’s CERY Collage Animation Films’ at the Journée d’étude: Nag et Gisèle Ansorge Cinémathèque Suisse, Lausanne, May 14 2014.

The study day is the start of a collaborative interdisciplinary project with the University of Lausanne and the Swiss Cinemathéque, in which Buchan will continue her research on animated collage films made by psychiatric patients in Lausanne, Switzerland.