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Willis Fleming - Richard Cockle Lucas
Harry Willis Fleming, PhD student

Richard Cockle Lucas

The artist Richard Cockle Lucas (1800-1883) is an intriguing and transitional creative figure, who has remained a problematic presence on the sidelines of art history. As a sculptor, printmaker, photographer, writer, model-maker, tower-builder, and so-called forger, Lucas’s protean versatility, productivity, and idiosyncrasy have made him hard for scholarship to pin down, and easy to overlook or ignore. Looking anew at Lucas’s life and art from a cultural history perspective, I identify the preeminent importance of space and place, and how this in turn connects with interrelated themes of memory, identity, and consciousness. This insight not only presents the opportunity for the first coherent understanding of Lucas as a multimedia artist, but brings to light the fuller dimensions of the spatial processes and practices of imaginative thought/production across the nineteenth century and beyond.

Harry holds a Research Studentship funded by the University. He was a 2012-13 Henry Moore Institute Research Fellow.

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