> > > Valeria Graziano: Speculations for a radical feminist strike

Valeria Graziano: Feminist strike workshop
24 Oct, Rest and its discontents, Mile End Art Pavilion, London.

Speculations for a radical, feminist strike: workshop and experiment

The event, hosted by Valeria GrazianoLynne Friedli, and Holly Pester, will be held in the Mile End Arts Pavilion, as part of Rest and its discontents, a Hubbub Exhibition and Events Series - 30 September - 30 October 2016.

Bringing together artists, poets, activists, researchers and young women, the workshop will be a communal thought-experiment engaging with the idea of a strike that covers all forms of gendered labour, wondering what such an event might mean to women, transwomen and non-binary people today or in a possible future.

Participants will be invited to speculate, in a creative and playful investigation, on questions of gender, work and striking,  imaginining a range of possible forms of protest and dissent.

The aim of the workshop is to extend this proposition of  strike action into the imaginal, through conversation, creative experiments, and interaction with archive materials from the Icelandic Women’s Day Off, which occurred on the same day in 1975.  What forms of action, resistance and refusal are possible? What forms of strike action can we imagine if we take the space and solidarity to think them together?