> > > Valeria Graziano: Don't you dare! Daring as cultural practice

Valeria Graziano: Don't you dare! Daring as cultural practice
15 April, La Bellone, Brussels.

Valeria Graziano: Don't you dare! Daring as cultural practice

Valeria Graziano (ADRI Research Fellow) has been invited to contribute to the seminar From Representation to Conspiracy, coordinated by Juan Dominguez and Victoria Perez Royo @ La Bellone, Brussels.

In this two-days seminar a group of researchers will reflect around the figure of conspiracy, which serves as a trigger to think playfully about Juan Dominguez’ current research and to focus on urgent questions such as: the spectator as an accomplice and necessary partner with equal criminal responsibility; collective actions; alternative models of intermittent and dispersed participation; continuity beyond concrete meetings at art venues; fabrication of fictions that end up leading their own life, and tension between visibility and invisibility, among others.

Valeria's talk invites a reflection on daring as a specific ethics of practicing collectivity. 'Don't you dare!' is the secret injunction underpinning the dominant regime of anxiety and exhaustion. Daring each other can thus be an entry point into a different practice of autonomous reciprocity,  just like children do, in turns, challenge each other to be braver and push the limits of what is possible, but not allowed. To invent a dare for someone can be a way of accompanying each other at the edges of what is.











14 April
10 - 11.45 Clean Room by Juan Dominguez
12 - 13.45 Poetical dissidences and cooperation by Jose Antonio Sanchez
lunch break
15 - 16.45 On red land crabs and democracy by Victoria Perez Royo
17 - 18.45 Conspiring subjectivities by Elke Van Campenhout 

15 April
10 - 11.45 - 'Don't you dare!' by Valeria Graziano
12 - 13.45 - expert in conspiracy theories, name tba
lunch break
15.30 - 18.30 work session with all participants + special guests
18.30 conclusion and wine


This seminar is a collaboration between  A.pass, ManyOne & La Bellone.