> > > Valeria Graziano at Work.master Comunità Olivetti

Valeria Graziano at Work.master Comunità Olivetti
14 Dec, Swiss Institute in Rome, Italy

Valeria Graziano at Work.master Comunità Olivetti

Valeria Graziano (ADRI Research Fellow) has been invited as a guest speaker to the Work.Master's (HEAD, Geneva) event  Comunità Olivetti, curated by Donatella Bernardi, taking place on 14th December, at the Swiss Institute in Rome, 16h–21h.

With: Claudia Bernardi, Marie Bette, Etienne Chosson, Aure?lie Dubois, Mumi Garzilli, Kevin Gotkovsky, Romain Grateau, Valeria Graziano, Boris Magrini, Federica Martini, Coline Mir, Annabelle Voisin.

The discussion will be based on projects inspired by the vast corpus left by the Olivetti company, in particular the work and thought of Adriano Olivetti (1901-1960), an Italian engineer, entrepreneur and politician who loved to include artists and poets among his collaborators and advisers.

Thus eight proposals by young artists, alumni or students from HEAD - Geneva will be analyzed and discussed in turn by four speakers, who will take care to present their respective areas of expertise: institutional criticism, sociology of migrant workers, managerial performance and the history of contemporary art and technology. We talked about the artist entrepreneur, but what about the worker of cognitive capitalism or the creative economy? We have spoken of globalization and its relocations, including that of the art system, such as a multinational representation, but what about the material and its resistance?