> > > Valeria Graziano speaks at Art and Diplomacy

Valeria Graziano speaks at Art and Diplomacy
23 Oct, FIAC 2016, Paris.

Valeria Graziano speaks at Art and Diplomacy

Valeria Graziano, ADRI Postdoctoral Research Fellow, has been invited to speak at a round table on Art and Diplomacy organized by Council (Gregory Castéra and Sandra Terdjman) in collaboration with FIAC and the French Insitute in Paris. The event will take place on October 23rd, 2016, in the “Conversation Room” inside the fair.

The round table will bring together a number of art projects around a single question: how can art have diplomatic effects? Whether they act directly within international political institutions, whether they invent situations to bring together stakeholders with divergent perspectives, whether they devise formats for the production and circulation of ideas, or whether they theorize the ethics of influence and negotiations, the projects presented use diplomacy as a field of action.

Based on the stories of their experiences and their opinions, we will discuss the role and political usefulness of art, as well as some of the consequences of these approaches on the experience of artworks, on art institutions and on political cultures.