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Valeria Graziano: Analphabet Programme
4 March, Alkolea Beach, Donostia

Valeria Graziano: Analphabet Programme

Valeria Graziano is an invited speaker at the inaugural event of Alkolea Beach,  a new exhibition space set up in Donostia by
artists Sandra Cuesta, Larraitz Torres and Amaia Urra, dedicated to experimental and collaborative learning practices.

The inaugural event is Analphabet Programme, an exhibition and a day of conversations and collective exercises that encourages participants to approach a medium or a language previously unknown, through an exercise of translation and delocalization.

Exhibition by artists Jorge Satorre, Estanis Comella and Sandra Cuesta. Talks by Valeria Graziano and Oier Etxeberria. Workshop by Analphabet Orchestra.

Analphabet Publication contributors: Azucena Vieites, Valeria Graziano, Jorge Nuñeez, Casco and Aziza Harmel. Available at: Kaxilda (Donostia), Anti ( Bilbao), CA2M ( Mostoles-Madrid ), La Caníbal (Barcelona), PAF's library (St. Erme) and Section 7 Books ( Paris).