> > > susan lok: lecture at Concordia University

susan lok: lecture at Concordia University
Tuesday, April 8 2014, 1:00-2:00pm Concordia University

susan pui san lok: SPSL / A to Y

Public lecture, Concordia University

Tuesday, April 8, 1:00-2:00pm
Concordia University, York Amphitheatre, EV 1.605
1515 Sainte-Catherine St. W.
H3G 2W1
Metro Guy-Concordia
susan pui san lok will present an a-chronological, experimental and  necessarily partial narrative of her practice since the late nineties in the context of Ethnocultural Art Histories Research (EAHR) Speakers Series
Working across installation, moving image, sound and text, projects  include: 97 Proofs… A to YAfter Words… Faster, Higher… FCHKUK… Golden… Lean  To… Lessons… Lightness… NEWS… Notes on Return… REEL… SongsVistas… Witness… Years… and current work-in-progress, RoCH  Fans & Legends.
EAHR (Ethnocultural Art Histories Research) is a student-driven research community that facilitates opportunities for exchange and creation in the examination of and engagement with issues of ethnic and cultural representation within the visual arts in Canada.
This lecture corresponds with susan’s upcoming exhibition, “Faster, Higher,” which will be open at the MAI (Montréal arts interculturels) from April 10 until May 10, 2014.