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Caring for Live Art that Eludes Digital Preservation

Sherwin's 1976 performance Man with Mirror is the subject of research by Canberra based artist/academic Louise Curham, 'Caring for Live Art that Eludes Digital Preservation', presented at iPRES 2016, 13th International Conference on Digital Preservation, Bern, October 3-6, 2016. . Curham has previously restaged the work as (Wo)man with Mirror in conjunction with Sydney based group Teaching & Learning Cinema (TLC).

Guy Sherwin - Senior Lecturer in Animation

Screenings and workshops in Barcelona

Sherwin presented two programmes of his films at Zumzeig Barcelona on 24th and 25th Jan 2019 and performed Man with Mirror at Fabri i Coats as part of the Salmon festival on 26th Jan. The performance was followed by a workshop in expanded cinema and optical sound together with artist Lynn Loo - using her performance Washi #2 as an additional reference.


Punto de Vista documentary film festival Spain

Two programmes of Sherwin's films and performances to be presented at Punto De Vista documentary film festival in Pamplona, Spain on 16th March 2019.      Programme 2 is shared with filmmaker Lynn Loo.



PROGRAMME 1.  Guy Sherwin.  (63mins)               

Short Film Series 1975-1998-(selection) 16mm  4x3min silent.(Tree Reflection: Candle & Clock; Gnats; Hand/Shutter).

Why There is Something Rather Than Nothing  2019  DV  9min sound.

Messages  1981-4  16mm  34min  silent

Man with Mirror 1976/2019  performance with screen, super 8 on 16mm  8min silent


PROGRAMME 2. Guy Sherwin/ Lynn Loo. (60min)
Nijomasue 2018  DV  23min  sound
Forlorn 2003  DV  3min  silent (Lynn Loo)
Autumn Fog 2010 performance for two 16mm projectors, 12min silent (Lynn Loo)
Walk to Station From Work  2013  DV  2min sound (Lynn Loo).
Views from Home  1987/2003  Super 8 on DV  12min  sound
Paper Landscape #2  2017/19  performance with screen, DV 8min sound.



Optical Sound Films at Ikon Gallery Birmingham

Sherwin's optical sound films will be screened in a programme at Ikon Gallery Birmingham on Tuesday 12 February 2019 / 6.00pm — 7.00pm

This event showcases Guy Sherwin’s Optical Sound Films 1971–2007, published by LUX, including works that were shot on the train from London to Birmingham when the artist started teaching at the University of Wolverhampton, then Polytechnic, in the 1970s. The event sheds light on Haroon Mirza’s Tescotrain (Homage to Guy Sherwin) (2012) and An_ Infinato (2009), which includes damaged off-cuts from Sherwin’s 16mm film Cycles #1 (1972/77).

Sherwin's work is a thorough investigation into the material qualities of 16mm film in image and sound regarding both the film strip itself and its subsequent projection as live event.



At the Academy at Vienna Filmmuseum

At the Academy will be screened at Vienna Filmmuseum on 14th March 2019 as part of the SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT screenings curated by Mark Webber


Workshop/screenings at Lasalle College of the Arts Singapore

Sherwin screened Decomposition and Sound Shapes (12.2.19) and performed Musical Stairs and Cycles #3 (19.2.19) as introduction to workshops in 16mm film and optical sound, run with partner Lynn Loo at Lasalle College of the Arts Singapore.

Musical Stairs at NFT

Experiments in Synesthesia, Early Cinema and Artist Film  Thursday 13th September 2018.  8.30 NFT3
+ intro by BFI National Archive Curators Bryony Dixon and William Fowler
Enjoy these bold, beautiful and sometimes bizarre experiments with ‘drawn’ soundtracks on film.

Moving image arrived on the scene in a maelstrom of electrical, chemical and mechanical innovation as the 19th century met the 20th. Artists and scientists responded in many ways, combining image, sound and then colour before those things were easy to do. In the 1920s when it became possible to record sound as an image there was a flurry of bold, beautiful and sometimes bizarre experiments with ‘drawn’ soundtracks on film – images that made sound, and vice versa. This special programme includes a great range of fascinating exploratory pieces from Walter Gibbons, Hans Richter, Rudolph Pfenninger, Fernand Léger and Norman McLaren, plus more recent optical sound examples by Guy Sherwin and Lis Rhodes.



Connemara screened at Cinema Parenthèse Brussels.

CINEMA PARENTHÈSE #3 presents NEIL HENDERSON (uk) in person and GUY SHERWIN (uk).    23rd June 2018

Guy Sherwin's rarely screened film "Connemara" (1980); a slow time-based site-specific structural landscape film. The film is, in Sherwin's words, ”partly a response to the sense of time that the landscape evoked. Time is experienced through the film in a number of ways: traces of past human activity, static shots of long duration, the same places revisited in different conditions of weather and light, exact print repeats of some of the shots, exact repeats of ambient sounds (set against different images), an overall symmetrical shape to the film.”


performances and discussion at Hepworth Gallery Wakefield


Expanded Cinema Screenings:  12 - 2PM.

Specially selected by Anthony McCall in dialogue with LUX, Expanded Cinema brings together a programme of important and influential film, video, performance and installation from the 1960s and 70s by artists including McCall, Lis Rhodes, Carolee Schneemann, Paul Sharits and Guy Sherwin. 

Anthony McCall in Conversation.  3 - 4.30PM.

Join Anthony McCall along with artist Guy Sherwin and researcher, curator and artist Lucy Reynolds in conversation around their conceptions of Expanded Cinema and influence of this movement on the wider fields of film and contemporary art.


Guy Sherwin at Bristol Experimental Expanded Cinema

For one night only on 30th May 2018 internationally celebrated experimental film-maker Guy Sherwin will bring his unique expanded film practice to BEEF. Expect to be astonished by 16mm films projected onto multiple and movable screens as Guy interrogates the condition of cinema and of seeing.

Bristol Experimental Expanded Film (BEEF) is a film and sound collective with an analogue heart

Three States of Cinema: Still Life, Portrait and Landscape.

Sherwin's films included in three programs curated by Mark Toscano of Academy Film Archive Los Angeles, to accompany the Tacita Dean exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, London.  Thu 24 May 2018 / 5pm - 8.30pm.  National Portrait Gallery.



Still Life:  CAT











Roger Hewins & Guy Sherwin Expanded Film Live Cinema at Sainsbury Centre Norwich.

As part of filmmaker and UEA lecturer Roger Hewins' valedictory screening Sherwin presented his film/performance Man with Mirror along with 7 films from the Short Film Series. The joint programme was followed by discussion on analogue film as material evidence.

Sainsbury Centre, University of East Anglia, Norwich, 28the April 2018.



Paper Landscape 2 performed at Film in the Present Tense, symposium at Universit�t der K�nste Berlin

The international symposium, Film in the Present Tense, took place at Universität der Künste Berlin on 20-22 October 2017.

As part of an evening of expanded cinema on 21 October programmed by Julian Ross, Anja Dornieden and Juan David Gonzalez Monroy, Guy Sherwin performed his new video/performance Paper Landscape #2 (Japan 2016) in sequence with the super 8 original Paper Landscape (London 1975).



7 Films about Place

A programme of landscape films, curated by Sherwin for Close Up Cinema, Shoreditch, London, screened on Monday 8th Jan 2018.

The programme included Connemara (Ireland), Salt Water and Under the Freeway (both USA) and Sherwin's recent thirty minute film Nijomasue (Japan) shot on digital video.





Paper Landscape 2 at LUX London, Lussas France, Berlin, Wakefield.

A new version of Sherwin's performance Paper Landscape, filmed in Kyushu Japan in 2016, was perfomed at the new LUX space in Waterlow Park, London on 29th April 2017:  https://lux.org.uk/event/lynn-loo-guy-sherwin

Further performances took place at Lussas Documentary Festival, France, 21.8.17, Film in the Present Tense, Universität der Künste Berlin, 21.10.17 and scheduled for Hepworth Art Gallery Wakefield May 2018.






Back to the Future: Project! at W.O.R.M Rotterdam

Sherwin was invited by W.O.R.M film agency Rotterdam to present programmes of his optical sound films and expanded cinema as part of their event Back to the Future: Project! which took place on the 4th and 5th November 2017.

The programmes included the following optical sound works: Newsprint, Sound Shapes, At the Academy, Railings (x2 projectors), Night Train, Notes, Optical Sound as well as the film performances Cycles #3 and Man with Mirror.




Messages screened at Film Poetry symposium, Stirling University

Messages, Sherwin's 34 minute film on childhood acquisition of language, was screened as part of the symposium 'Experiencing the Filmpoem. A Phenomenological Exploration' that takes place at the MacRobert Arts Centre, University of Stirling on 1st Nov 2017.

The event was organised by Susannah Ramsay, AHRC and SGSAH (Scottish Graduate School of Arts and Humanities) funded PhD researcher and artist filmmaker in the department of Communications, Media and Culture at Stirling University. Her practice-based research argues that phenomenology, both as a philosophy and film theory can undergird our understanding of the filmpoem, a uniquely personal composition of artists’ moving image. 


video interview on Messages at: https://vimeo.com › Revista Lumière › Videos


Lussas Documentary Film Festival

Lussas Documentary Film festival (France 2017) hosted a retrospective of films and performances by Guy Sherwin, curated by Federico Rossin. The work was screened in three full programes over the course of one day (August 26th) and will include Short Film Series, Messages, Filter Beds, the Optical Sound Films, the performances Man with Mirror and Paper Landscape (pictured), among others. The festival runs August 20 - 26, 2017.

The documentary film 'In Art We Trust' (85 min) by Benoit Roussell (Switzerland/France) also screened at the festival and featured works by Guy Sherwin, Lawrence Weiner, Esther Ferrer, Bridget Polk and other artists.



Mile End Purgatorio at London S.O. Gallery

Sherwin's film Mile End Purgatorio (made with poet Martin Doyle) will screen at S.O. Gallery on 1st July 2017 in the programme of artists' film 'East Ends',

curated by Valentina Bin and Simina Neagu



Portrait with Parents at Birkbeck University of London

Sherwin's film Portrait with Parents screened at Birkbeck University of London on 28.1.17 in the programme Experimental Self-Portraits, curtaed by Muriel Tinel-Temple.

Muriel Tinel-Temple will present a selection of experimental self-portrait films drawn from the LUX collection. After the screening, Muriel Tinel-Temple (Self representation in Visual Culture) will be in conversation with LUX deputy director Maria Palacios Cruz.

Muriel Tinel-Temple is the author of Le Cinéaste au travail: autoportraits (The Filmmaker at work: self-portraits, Hermann, 2016) and is co-founder of the research group Self-Representation in Visual Culture along with Laura Busetta and Marlène Monteiro. The group has organised several screenings and other events at BIMI and is currently preparing an edited book of essays, The Self-Portrait in the Moving Image, for Peter Lang.



Hamburg Short Film Festival

Four zen films from Short Film Series will be screened on 8th and 10th June at Hamburg Short Film Festival in the programme 'The C20th according to John Smith' curated by John Smith.


Light & Paint at Wolverhampton Art Gallery

Installation commisioned by Wolverhampton Art Gallery. Runs from 2nd March to 7 April 2017.

Light & Paint is a return to Guy Sherwin’s early practices where acrylic painting is animated by projected light. Colours in the hand-painted mural, measuring 9 metres by 3.3 metres, are affected by the changing coloured light of digital projection. You can see a time-lapse film of the installation here:


In Art We Trust

Documentary film (85 min) by Benoit Roussell (Switzerland/France) featuring works by artists including Guy Sherwin, Lawrence Weiner, Esther Ferrer and Bridget Polk will premiere at Nordisk Film Dagmar, Denmark on March 17th and at Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal on March 29th.


The film will also screen at Lussas Documentary Festival (France) August 2017 in which Sherwin is presenting three programmes of his film works.

Art Central Hong Kong

Photographic works and 16mm films by Sherwin are exhibited by Christine Park Gallery at the international art fair Art Central Hong Kong from March 21st - 25th, 2017.

Review by Linda Lai at: http://floatingprojectscollective.net/art-notes/levitated-potentiality/




Films screened at Tokyo Photographic Art Museum

Digital versions of Sherwin's 16mm films Railings and Filter Beds were screened in the programme Without Years, curated by Lynn Loo, as part of the Yebisu Festival Tokyo. Screenings on 12, 15 and 23 Feb 2017.



Paper Shadows installation in Japan

Sherwin's site specific video installation 'Paper Shadows 2016' will be exhibited at Studio Kura  22/23 and 29/30 October 2016 as a part of Itoshima International Art Festival 2016, Fukuoka, Japan.

Paper Shadows is a video installation made to replace the Shoji screens in the tatami room at Gallery/House 2. It uses two video projectors and hand-made screens. The projected images were recorded in the same space at different times of day and night. The aim is to (re)direct viewers attention to the presence of space and time and is a continuation of my previous work in this field (cf 'Staircase' Siobhan Davies 2011).


FSP 2016 at Brunel's Thames Tunnel.

Guy Sherwin's live 16mm film performance Soundtrack Augmented is part of an extensive programme of Sound and Image, organised by EAVI and CRISAP, that takes place in the Brunel Tunnel Shaft in Rotherhithe on 10th and 11th Dec 2016.








Portraits at New River Studios

Sherwin's 16mm film 'Portrait with Parents' is included in the programme Portraits, curated by Collective-iz, at New River Studios, London on 27.11.16.






Caring For Live Art That Eludes Digital Preservation

Louise Curham's paper 'Caring For Live Art That Eludes Digital Preservation' will be presented at iPRES 2016, Bern, 13th International Conference on Digital Preservation, 3-6 October. The paper discusses issues in preservation of Guy Sherwin's film performance 'Man with Mirror' (1976-2015) as re-enacted by Teaching and Learning Cinema, Sydney, Australia.  http://www.ipres2016.ch/




Film Performance at Laing Art Gallery Newcastle

Guy Sherwin gave a solo performance of his film work on 17.12.16 as part of 'Circles are Slices of Spheres', an exhibition by Rosie Morris at the Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle. The exhibition creates a meditative environment to reflect on our experiences and relationship to being in the world, here specifically drawing on the context of the Laing’s architectural gallery space and the intangible elements which define this sense of space. Sherwin’s work similarly looks at light, space and time, drawing from architecture, our environment and scrutinising the everyday.

'These films are all about relationships - between light and darkness, light and camera, camera and subject, subject and filmmaker and viewer, all at once and played out not only on the screen but also in the mysterious conjunction between the projected film and the viewer’ Andy Ditzler



Two screenings at Mono No Aware, New York

Washi # 1, Sherwin's hand-made film, made with Lynn Loo, will screen at Mono No Aware, Brooklyn, New York, on 1st Dec 2016, as part of the series (I)MAGESOUND(S) curated by Jim Hobbs. Also at Mono No Aware, on November 13th, Sherwin's film Cycles was screened in a programme of expanded cinema curated by Drew Elizabeth Bucilla.



Shoot Shoot Shoot, The First Decade of the London Film-Makers' Co-operative, 1966-76

A comprehensive anthology of writings edited by Mark Webber, published by LUX, Sept 2016. Includes interviews with Guy Sherwin and citations of his film performances and camera-less animations from the 1970s. 



Soft Floor, Hard Film. Frieze 2016

Matthew Noel-Tod's documentary film, made for Frieze 2016 in celebration of 50 years of the London Film-Maker's Co-operative, includes an extract from Sherwin's film Musical Stairs 1977.



Whitstable Biennale

Sherwin performed his new work Hand/Shutter #2 at the Horsebridge Arts Centre, Whitstable, on Wednesday 8th June 2016, as part of the Whitstable Biennale. 

Curated by Ben Judd, the programme included works by Anthony McCall, Tony Hill and Sally Golding.

Hand/Shutter #2 was premiered on 11th March at BFI Southbank. It is Sherwin's first hybrid performance, combining projection of a 16mm film from 1976 with live video projection, and features the artist as performer.

Messages screened at Birkbeck Symposium

Sherwin's film 'Messages' (1981-4) was screened at 'Conventions of Proximity in Art, Theatre and Performance', a one-day symposium held at Birkbeck College. London, on Friday 6th May 2016. The film shared a programme with 'Red Shift' by Swedish filmmaker Gunvor Nelson.



At the Academy included in Tate Britain archive exhibition

The early history of the London Film-Makers' Co-operative will be documented in a display of films and ephemera in the Archive Gallery at Tate Britain (25 April to 17 July 2016), and a book will be published by LUX this autumn. The exhibition includes images from Guy Sherwin's At the Academy 1974.

The LFMC was founded in October 1966 as a non-commercial distributor of avant-garde cinema. In contrast to similar groups that emerged around the world, it grew to incorporate a distribution service, cinema space and film laboratory. Within this unique facility, filmmakers were able to control every aspect of the creative process. Many explored the material aspects of celluloid, whilst others experimented with multiple projection and performance-based ‘expanded cinema’. Despite the physical hardship of its survival, this artist-led organisation asserted the significance of British work internationally, and anticipated today’s vibrant culture of artists’ moving image.

Curated and presented by Mark Webber.


Guy Sherwin: solo programme at Close Up Cinema, London.

21 May 2016: Sound and Image.

Guy Sherwin will screen a selection of his films made for single projector and discuss some unorthodox methods and strategies of working with sound and image. All films will be shown in their original 16mm format with optical sound except for 'Notes' which was shot on Super 8mm then enlarged to 35mm. This will be the first screening in the UK of 'Notes' in this format. The transfer was made in 2011 thanks to EYE Film Institute, Amsterdam.



Contact: Festival of New Experimental Film & Video

Sherwin will perform 'Looped Leaders', his new live work for three 16mm projectors with optical sound, on Saturday May 7th at Apiary Studios, Bethnal Green London. The performance is part of Contact, a three day festival of experimental film and video curated by Andrew Vallance and Simon Payne.



Stories in the Dark Contemporary Responses to the Magic Lantern. Whitstable Biennale at the Beaney Museum, Canterbury.

Stories in the Dark – Contemporary Responses to the Magic Lantern.  Exhibition curated by Ben Judd.

The exhibition includes new work by Guy Sherwin: 'Moon LED Revolution', an installation for slide projector, clock, moving screen, LED lights.

Saturday 19th March,  9:00—17:00.  Open until 19 June 2016

The Beaney House of Art & Knowledge, in conjunction with the Whitstable Biennale.

Works by: Jordan Baseman, Adam Chodzko, Benedict Drew, Louisa Fairclough, Dryden Goodwin, Haroon Mirza, Lindsay Seers, and Guy Sherwin



Interrupting Light: 50 Years of the LFMC at the BFI Southbank

Sherwin premiered his performance Hand/Shutter/#2 on 11th March 2016 at this LUX event celebrating 50 Years of the London Film-Makers' Co-operative. Programme curated by Annabel Nicolson with Ben Cook.





Light Cycles. Solo exhibition at Christine Park Gallery, London

Solo exhibition of Guy Sherwin's 16mm film installations.

13 Feb to 27 Feb 2016.  Private View Friday 12 Feb. 7-9pm.  Open Tuesday through Saturday.

Seven film installations, each centred on a single object or quality of light. Light projects onto physical surfaces -  a drawing, a mirror, a suspended paper screen. 

Christine Park Gallery, 35 Riding House Street, London, W1W7EA.  


Our Machines at the Observer Building Hastings

Guy Sherwin and Lynn Loo presented a set of performances as part of the installation/performance series 'Our Machines' organised by Louise Colbourne at the Observer Building Hastings, February 2016.



Film Performance evening at David Roberts Arts Foundation

DRAF Studio – Live Cinema, Guy Sherwin and Lynn Loo 
Thurs 3 Dec 2015
DRAF Studio, 6.30pm

DRAF Studio is at Symes Mews, Mornington Crescent, London NW1 7JE.  Free, no booking required.

Artists Guy Sherwin and Lynn Loo present a live exhibition of 16mm films adapted to the architectural space of DRAF Studio, including the three-screen Camden Road Station first filmed locally in 1973.

Celebrated since the 1970s for his work exploring time, light and sound through film and performance, Sherwin has exhibited at Tate Modern and Camden Art Centre, and with Lynn Loo at Palais des Beaux Arts Brussels, Institute of Modern Art Brisbane and MOMCA Seoul.


Reviewed in The Quietus at http://thequietus.com/articles/19554-guy-sherwin-lynn-loo-draf


Motion in Form 2 at Slade Research Centre

Sherwin was a guest speaker and performer at Motion in Form 2, a series of workshops, seminars and installations centred on questions of analogue film. It was convened jointly by Slade School and Greenwich University, and organised by Louise Colbourne, Jim Hobbs, Jayne Parker and Melanie Counsell.

7-10 Dec 2015. Slade Research Centre, London.








Audiovisuology: a Reader

Sherwin's film Newsprint (1972) is discussed in 'Audiovisuology: a Reader' edited by Dieter Daniels and Sandra Naumann. (pub Walther König, Koln)

The 700 page compendium incudes seminal texts on the histories and theories of Audiovisual Media and Art.






Film 'Connemara' screened at symposium 'Chalk: Time, Sense and Landscape'

Sherwin's 30 minute 16mm film 'Connemara' was screened and discussed at 'Chalk: Time, Sense and Landscape' an interdisciplinary symposium exploring worlds beyond and beneath the visible. Winchester Discovery Centre, 17 10 15


Poster - chalk: time, sense and landscape

Exhibition in Tokyo

Guy Sherwin's film installation 'Clock Screen' was featured in the exhibition 'Zettai no Ima' ('Absolute Now'), Atsukobarouh Gallery, Shibuya, Tokyo. The exhibition is curated by Kaz and addresses the theme of time based on a text by D.T Suzuki. The exhibition ran from Sept 5th to Oct 11th 2015 and was supported by ADRI and the British Council.

Sherwin also performed his live film works at the gallery and at Plus Screening, an artist-run venue in Roppongi, the latter in collaboration with Lynn Loo. (see poster)



Text published in 'OEI # 69-70: On Film'

Sherwin describes aspects of his performative practice in 'Live Cinema: Sound and Image' published by the Swedish journal 'OEI # 69-70: On Film' (Oct 2015) pp.208-211. The journal is published in Swedish and English and runs to 496 pages.




Contact: Edges & Intervals

Sherwin's video/painting installation 'Painted Screen' 2013 (1970) is included in the exhibition 'Contact: Edges & Intervals' at Apiary Studios, Bethnal Green, London from 10 to 11 October 2015. The exhibition is curated by Simon Payne, Gareth Polmeer and Andrew Valence. Further details at : www.contactscreenings.co.uk

Negative Light at Microscope Gallery, New York.

Sherwin's film performance for two projectors 'Cycles #3' was screen in the programme 'Negative Light' at Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn, New York on October 26th 2015. The work was performed by Simon Payne and Neil Henderson, curators of the exhibition.


Performances at L'Age d'Or Festival Brussels

Guy Sherwin's film and performances are featured in the festival L'Age d'Or which runs from 8-14 October 2015 at the Cinematek Brussels. Sherwin will perform his 1970's works Paper Landscape and Man with Mirror along with more recent collaborative performances with Lynn Loo in three programmes devoted to his work.