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Martin - Compressed Space and Expanded Place
Shaun Martin, PhD student

Shaun Martin - Compressed Space and Expanded Place

My research originates from a perceptible correlation derived from a comparative study of two seemingly disparate modes of art practice; one belonging to the artist-in-transit and the other belonging to the artist-as-inmate. A combination of practice-led research, theoretical analysis and self-reflective study, which, alongside an ethnographic analysis of the artistic and personal experiences of prison-inmates under my tutelage, has identified that significant similarities exist between both parties; these include: the working methods adopted as a consequence of the practical conditions experienced, the types of notional spaces occupied and an affiliation with similar types of identity. Currently, my research is addressing an emerging corollary which has identified that both modes of art practice seemingly operate within comparable systems of political language central to the functioning of both the penal institution and the institution of art.