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Key - Set Dressing
Rebecca Key, PhD student

Set Dressing: From Sketchbook to Gallery and Script to Screen: an Investigation into the use of mise en scène in Gallery Installation.

This research investigates how the placement of objects, using film and television set dressing techniques can be used to create visual illustrations of character narrative in installation.
The rationale for the project emerged from previous installations, where techinques ‘drawing with objects’ and 'psychology of set dressing' were used to create background narrative, examining the mythologies that surround the creative process, the relationship between the artist and the gallery, the institution and other specific sites.
This practice-led autoethnographic investigation will make a new critical contribution to the art and design research paradigm as it is of significant interest to intellectually engage the creative similarities of these two previously separately defined disciplines.

Rebecca Key, MFA, has exhibited internationally, and worked as an art director in the film and television industry.
Her research is financially supported by The BBC Grace Wyndham Goldie Trust Fund, The Cinema and Television Benevolent Fund, Barchester Charitable Foundation and The Snowdown Trust.