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Ramsay-Kyle - A Needle & Thread Narrative
Scott Ramsay-Kyle, PhD student

Scott Ramsay-Kyle

A Needle & Thread Narrative: The Meaning & Workings of the Needle (with film, collage and stitch)

With this practice research PhD I am seeking to further understand the process of laboriously working the needle in relation to the key role my hands represent, these are not just tools, the dexterity allow perception, gesture and movement during the physical process of doing.  My goal is to produce both a written and practical body of work that explores the layers of meaning within present embroidery using techniques of collage, film works and digital technology as well as the presence of the hands when creating these sewn photomontages.  The practice project included describes my enquiry when image / mark making, using overworked stitch as form for painting on fabric, paper collage, the work of the needle and its aesthetic, drawing thought from Viktor E. Frankl on deciding one’s choice as being ‘activistic’ through ‘human existence’ (2004: 124).  Throughout I will encourage and decide on crystal components and text / sewn poetry where relevant, admiring Delaunay’s robes poèmes and her effortlessness to cross discipline... To understand the drivers and motivators to submit oneself to the process of hand embroidery through the stages of physical resistance to its aesthete beauty in my pursuit of meaning