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Workshops for Research Students 2015-16

School of Art & Design - School of Media & Performing Arts

Venue: G230 (unless stated otherwise)

The monthly series is intended to introduce approaches to research across disciplines and, importantly, excite your curiosity by offering presentations about the research being undertaken by an international group of leading researchers. There are also opportunities to meet, present and discuss your work with other candidates.

For further information contact your Research Degrees Director:
Prof Anne Massey (A&D): a.massey[at]mdx.ac.uk
Prof Vida Midgelow (MPA): v.midgelow[at]mdx.ac.uk


Autumn term, 2015

Friday 2nd October: Induction

10.30-12.00pm  First year induction to the Schools of Art & Design and Media & Performing Arts.

Research Degrees Directors, Prof Anne Massey (A&D) and Prof Vida Midgelow (MPA).

Tour of facilities: 2.00-3.30pm (meet in G230)


Tuesday 13th October:  Researching in the arts

11.00 - 12.30 Undertaking a Research Degree in the Arts, Vida Midgelow

1.00 – 2.30 Methods: A general overview of Research Methodologies in the Arts,

Billy Clark, Anne Massey and Vida Midgelow

2.45-4.00 Writing: Finding Your Academic Voice, Peter Thomas


Tuesday 10th November: Arts Research Methods in Focus 1

11.00-12.30 Practice: Approaching Artistic Research, Vida Midgelow

1.00-2.30 Text: Critical analysis and text, Anna Charalambidou

2.45-4.00 People: Doing field work, Sylvia Shaw


Tuesday 15th  December, 10.00-6.00pm : Work:  ‘In Progress’ Conference for PgR

This will be a one day conference based on the PechaKucha presentation technique.  This involves selecting 20 images and ordering them into a Powerpoint slide show. Each image is shown for 20 seconds, and each participant talks within that given timeslot. The images advance automatically to avoid overrunning your allotted time of 6 minutes 40 seconds.

Technical help will be given and all presentations must be finished and forwarded to the organizers by Tuesday 8th December to allow time for formatting and troubleshooting.

All candidates are expected to contribute to this lively event.  The conference will end with Christmas drinks!   Details to follow.


Spring-Summer Terms, 2016

Tuesday 12th  January : Arts Research Methods in Focus 2

11.00 -12.30  Fine Art Research, Rebecca Fortnum and Ergin Cavusoglu

1.00-2.30 Archives and Design Research, Anne Massey and Zoe Hendon (Head of Collections, MODA)

2.45-4.00 Semiotic approaches in/as Research, Paul Cobley


Tuesday 9th Feb: Developing your Writing

11.00-1.00 Further writing skills, Peter Thomas

Followed by 

One-to-one tutorials with Peter Thomas.

To arrange please email: p.thomas[at]mdx.ac.uk


Tuesday 15th March : Issues in Research

11.00-1.00 Feminism, Sex and Gender in/as research, Alexandra Kokoli and Feona Attwood

2.00-4.00 Ethics in/as research, Dana Arnold and Carole Anne Upton


Thursday  7th April, 10.00-6.00pm: Work: ‘In Progress’ Conference for PgR

(G230 and Studio Spaces)

This is a ‘practice based’ conference for PgR candidates to share their ongoing research. All candidates are invited to contribute and the event allows for traditional papers, the sharing of practice and performative events.

There will be limited technical facilities and support, including a ‘set-up’ day on Wednesday 6th.

More details will follow.


Tuesday 17th May: Publishing, Documenting and curating research

11.00-12.00 Abstracts: How to write an abstract, Suzanne Buchan

12.00-1.00 Journals: How to get published in an academic journal, Vida Midgelow

1.30-2.30 Writing/Documenting your Practice as Research, Catherine Dormer

2.30-3.30 Curating research, Roddy Hunter and Valeria Graziano


Wednesday  15th and Thursday 16th June : University Annual Summer Conference for PgR

(College Building)

A large interdisciplinary annual conference for all research candidates from across the University. Details to follow.


Monday 4th to Friday 8th July: Research intensive - ‘The Reflexive Researcher’

(various spaces)

This intensive allows you to focus on your own research or research in practice in a supportive environment in order to achieve a self-identified goal. The week is open to all researchers (staff and research candidates) in the Schools of Art & Design and Media & Performing Arts. It offers a framework of time/space, peer-to-peer discussion and some guided workshop sessions that cohere around the theme of ‘Reflexivity in Research’. Details to follow.