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Prof Paul Haywood Inaugural Lecture
Wednesday 26 February, 5.30pm C211, Hendon campus

Inaugural Lecture: Professor Paul Haywood

Deviants versus Democracy!

Paul Haywood, Professor and Deputy Dean of the School of Art & Design delivers his inaugural lecture, 'Deviants versus Democracy!'


Paul's statement:


"Why throw bricks when you can paint pictures with them? I choose to refer to myself as an artist; therefore I need to engage with processes of art. I aim to perceive the world through affiliations; join initiatives, share ideas, collaborate, and co-create." 

"Where it is my beginning, I start by examining the fabric of the environment and I try to form a sense of place identity. I search for an impression; I harvest, edit and select colour keys that represent the character and memory of a particular geography."

"It’s a bit like landscape painting except that the paint has to come from the land. A simple solution would be to make paint from a house brick, for example."

"Where someone else begins, I start by trying to absorb pre-existing relational aesthetics and social character relevant to a place or a narrative. I aim to gain some sense of emerging content rather than understand. I rely on the presence of others and discover my role within their shadow."

"I paint myself into a landscape. A simple solution would be to make paint out of my skin to add colour to the local palette."

Date: Wednesday 26 February
Time: 5.30pm
Venue: C211, Hendon campus