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Vlad Morariu - Lecturer in Fashion Visual Cultures

Vlad Morariu

Lecturer in Fashion Visual Cultures

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Dr Vlad Morariu is a researcher, lecturer, and curator whose work explores interferences between visual cultures, philosophical discourses (the analytic philosophy of language, the institutional theory of art, post-structuralism, and critical theory) and counter-institutional practices of art and design. His doctoral thesis explored the intellectual and philosophical background of practices of institutional critique. Recently he was AHRC Cultural Engagement Fellow, with a project that revisited Scottish psychiatrist R.D. Laing’s reading of phenomenology, and its importance within the practices of the therapeutic communities at Kingsley Hall and Archway. He was an International Fellow for Art and Theory at Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen Innsbruck (2013-2014) and Erste Stiftung/tranzit.org Writer in Residence at Museums Quartier in Vienna (2012).


Vlad’s research interests include:

Exhibition histories and counter-institutional practices of art and design
Framework analyses of cultural institutions
Art and design approaches to mental health
Fashion philosophy, Fashion aesthetics and their shaping of subcultures (punk, rock and heavy-metal)
Philosophical approaches to the languages of art, design and politics


Recent curatorial projects:

 (with Cristina Bogdan) Knots. (Schizo)Culture, (Counter)Education, (Anti)Psychiatry (2016), ODD, Bucharest

 [Parerga] Frames of Art/Institutional Critique, within Dissent and Certainty, Kunstpavillon Innsbruck, Austria (2014)


Recent Publications:

Morariu, V. (2016). ‘Transitory Erasures: Subjects of Institutional Critique’ in Oberprantacher, A. & Siclodi, A. (eds.), Subjectivation. Political Theory in Contemporary Practices, Palgrave Macmillan

Morariu, V. (ed.) (2014). [Parerga] Frames of Art/Institutional Critique. Reader published on the occasion of 'Dissent and Certainty', Kunstpavillon Innsbruck, 2014