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susan pui san lok - 'RoCH Fans & Legends (Entries)'
December 2013, Journal of Visual Culture

susan pui san lok - 'RoCH Fans & Legends (Entries)'

Journal of Visual Culture, v12n3

The Archives Issue

Edited by Juliette Kristensen & Marquard Smith


Basel Abbas and Ruanne Abou-Rahme, (in conversation with Tom Holert)

The Archival Multitude

susan pui san lok

RoCH Fans and Legends (Entries)

Marquard Smith

Theses on the Philosophy of History: The Work of Research in the Age of Digital Searchability and Distributability

Uriel Orlow

Archives of Stone, Archives of Air

Chris Horrocks

Disinterring the Present: Science Fiction, Media Technology and the Ends of the Archive

Shezad Dawood

Piercing Brightness as an Exploration of the An-archic Imaginary (in conversation with Mark Bartlett)

Sas Mays

Between Pandora and Diogenes: Fox Talbot and the Gender of Archives

Nina Lager Vestberg

Ordering, Searching, Finding

Gary Hall

The Unbound Book: Academic Publishing in the Age of the Infinite Archive

Trevor Paglen

The Last Pictures



Gail Day

Allan Sekula 1951–2013


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