> > > Alexandra Kokoli speaks at Radical Negativity conference
Alexandra Kokoli speaks at Radical Negativity conference
13 June 2014, 9am-6pm. New Academic Building, Goldsmiths College, London.

Alexandra Kokoli speaks at Radical Negativity

13 June 2014, 9am-6pm
New Academic Building,
Goldsmiths College

Dr Alxandra Kokoli, Senior Lecturer in Visual Culture and Fine Arts, will present her paper “ 'The art around here scares the hell out of me’: Feminism & the Uncanny in the Field of Vision”, at  Radical Negativity, a one-day conference interrogating productive possibilities for negative states of being.

This interdisciplinary conference addresses the ways in which feminist and queer research may be informed by embracing philosophical oppositions, the ‘negative double’ of the positive value. The conference will interrogate what can be learnt from interventions focused on the interconnections between the negative and human agency, and how such a frame can inform ideas of feminist and queer practice.

Borrowing from Eve Sedgwick, this conference proposes that forms of the negative are “not distinctly ‘toxic’ parts of a group or individual identity that can be excised; they are instead integral to and residual in the processes by which identity itself is formed. They are available for the work of metamorphosis, reframing, refiguration, transfiguration, affective and symbolic loading and deformation” (Sedgwick and Frank, 2003, p.63).


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