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I:F (Interiors: Fashion)

Interiors Fashion Research Cluster

I.F. is a multi-disciplinary collective of researchers, teachers and practitioners in the department of Interiors and Fashion. I.F is engaged in exploring emergent issues concerning the body and space in constructed environments. This incorporates practice and research that explores the diversity of human occupation, ranging from the garment to the city. IF encourages and supports both new and established researchers who are exploring the theories, histories and practices of a diverse range of design activities. The aims of the cluster are to examine the role of design, in its diversity of forms, and to recognize, evaluate and profile its significance. The objectives of IF are to disseminate and profile the past, present and the future of fashion and interiors through the production of a range of works and through many mediums. Our researchers are engaged in the production of objects, spaces, garments, research papers, books, exhibitions and many other research initiatives and outputs. IF is interdisciplinary and encourages interaction between subject areas, academic and practice-led projects, and institutional collaboration. It is an intersection between researchers and practitioners, academics and teachers, and a hub for positive exchange and creative production.

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