> > > Graeme Evans presents at City Now, City Future

Graeme Evans presents at City Now, City Future
25 May, Museum of London Docklands

Professor Graeme Evans to present at Museum of London Docklands City Now, City Future University Showcase

25th May 2016
Prof Graeme Evans will be showcasing work arising from our AHRC Towards Hydrocitizenship research project at the Museum of London Docklands as part of the planning a for a major exhibition in June 2017 on the theme of City Now, City Future.
As part of the exhibition the museum is planning and ambitious public programme that aims to help Londoners connect with their city and to become engaged citizens. The Museum of London is keen to work with creative and academic partners including Middlesex University, who can engage with Londoners in new exciting ways. Topics include green and public space, urban sustainability, and eco-cities, children and families, art and the city, smart cities, architecture and the urban environment, high streets and markets, mapping the city, global and local, migration, health and well-being, regeneration, gender and the city, democracy and mass participation, urbanism and social justice, energy, the historical city, poverty and prosperity, transport and mobility, diversity, inequalities, pollution, waste and water management. Graeme will present on the last topic based on the 3 year Hydrocitizenship project that has engaged communities and artists along the Lee Valley with a wide range of material including films, photographs, annotated cultural ecosystems maps and visualisations, water samples and analysis, water and waste maps, and graphical analysis of community surveys which have all been co-designed with local participants and produced by the Hydrocitizenship team at Middlesex.