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Keith Piper and Osbert Parker

Black British Animators at the BFI

 Black British Animators + Q&A with Osbert Parker and other filmmakers, chaired by Jez Stewart, Curator, BFI National Archive

Not until the end of the 20th century did black British artists like Osbert Parker and Keith Piper get to really explore the potentials of animation. More recently, Kibwe Tavares and Phoebe Boswell have continued to show that the medium is as creatively diverse as it is effective in engaging with issues of social diversity. Join us to explore the work and inspirations of these talented animators.

Part of their Black and Banned series

Tuesday 11 September 2018 18:20

Computer Hope

Staff External Talks and Lectures

Staff External Talks and Lectures

  • Katy Deepwell: A Feminist Perspective on Dmitri Prigov’s Manifesto
  • Prof Katy Deepwell speaker at 2014 EAM conference [copy]
  • Conceptualism – Intersectional Readings, International Framings
  • Kokoli and Deepwell: A Feminist Space at Leeds
  • Neelam Raina invited speaker at Women, Peace and Security Forum
  • Valeria Graziano: Prefigurative Practices -The Battle for Theatre #01
  • John Dack: new chapter on “Pierre Schaeffer and the (Recorded) Sound Source”
  • Out Now: John Dack translation‘Treatise on Musical Objects’ by Pierre Schaeffer
  • Neelam Raina at Heritage & Global Challenges Workshop
  • Katy Deepwell invited speaker to Tokyo University of the Arts
  • Katy Deepwell at Faces: gender, art, technology
  • Valeria Graziano presents at Media | Practices | Commoning
  • Loraine Leeson in conversation with Gregory Sholette
  • Loraine Leeson at The World Transformed 2017
  • Loraine Leeson speaks at Confluence: Public Art and the Thames [copy]
  • Loraine Leeson speaks at Confluence: Public Art and the Thames
  • Valeria Graziano: Internationales Sommerfestival 2017 Avant-Garden
  • Suzanne Buchan: Invited lecture, Lausanne [copy]
  • Public Programming, Social Movements and Solidarity
  • Graeme Evans opens ‘Tourism and the Night’ Symposium
  • Valeria Graziano & Stefanie Sachsenmaier @ PSi#23 Overflow
  • Katy Deepwell on Nothing Abandoned
  • Prof Katy Deepwell speaker at 2014 EAM conference [copy]
  • Valeria Graziano: In Spite of Everything, documenta14, Athens
  • Local/Global Dynamics in Feminism and Contemporary Art
  • Prof Katy Deepwell speaker at 2014 EAM conference [copy]
  • Launch of Active Energy Project
  • Symposium: From Human Experience to Radical Experiments: Animation, 3D and VR in Teaching, Learning and Research
  • Graeme Evans: Architecture for Health
  • Keith Piper Artist Talk at Nottingham Contemporary
  • Loraine Leeson and Alberto Duman on art, activism and the built environment
  • SmART Cities and Waste Research Workshop: Urban Waste Streams & Flows
  • Valeria Graziano: visiting fellowship at Leuphana University
  • Luke White: Jackie Chan vs. Walter Benjamin: Postcolonial Utopias of the Body
  • CEEDR/CUSP-ADRI Joint Seminar: Sustainable Prosperity & the Cultural Industries
  • Valeria Graziano: Analphabet Programme
  • CfP: The Digital Future of the Graduate Show
  • THEM! The visual cultures of 'othering' in post-referendum UK and post-general-election USA
  • Valeria Graziano at Work.master Comunità Olivetti
  • Katy Deepwell: Gender and Diversity in the Art Museum