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Graeme Evans - Keynote, City & Culture Symposium
13-18 January 2014, University of Amsterdam

Re-Making the Culture(s) of the City

University of Amsterdam

13-18 January 2014

Graeme Evans will be presenting a keynote at this one week City & Culture symposium at the University of Amsterdam. The programme is open to Masters and Research students, Academics and Practitioners.

Since the Chicago School and the urban sociology of Georg Simmel, cities have been investigated as spaces where new cultures, values and institutions have been developed. Cities are at the same time ‘shaped by’ the cultural frameworks of their inhabitants - and generators of new social practices and values, from subcultures to mainstream cultures.  In this masterstudio, a new reading of the theme of the ‘culture of cities’ is proposed. The main assumption with urbanization is that cities are becoming spaces of cultural innovation, but also spaces where history is interpreted, adapted and projected in future policies. We will address culture in social and political terms, as a field where new practices of urban transformation and urban management can be discovered.

Amsterdam in particular is a very interesting study city with the new position of cultural activities in city planning. The City department of Culture & Arts has recently drafted the new Kunstenplan 2013-14, building on a large number of projects in the city that have largely changed the cultural relevance of Amsterdam in Europe and in the world. Projects such as the Rijksmuseum, the EYE film museum, and the Stedelijk Museum are among the most relevant urban interventions of recent  years. Site visits to Amsterdam will be held as part of the symposium.



Prof Graeme Evans Middlesex and Maastricht Universities

Prof Franco Bianchini Leeds Met University

Prof Hans Mommaas Tilburg University

Prof Michael Hebbert Bartlett UCL

Dr Bernard Lange Humboldt University, Berlin

Prof Ann Markusen University of Minnesota


For details of the masterstudio and registration visit www.urbanstudies.uva.nl/education

Contact: San Verschuuren