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Emma Dick - Lecturer in Visual Culture - Fashion

Emma Dick

Lecturer in Visual Culture - Fashion

She has presented as part of the CREATE/ feminisms Research Cluster in 2014 and established What's that...? an interdisciplinary fashion-writing research community together with colleagues from across the university.  

Emma is a Lecturer in the Visual Culture, History and Theory of Fashion and Textiles.  She specialises in textiles and material culture of the Islamic world, and is interested in the intersection of culture and capital in developing economies and the empowerment of women within the fashion and textiles industries globally.  Emma has lived and worked in Turkey and Singapore, where she was Head of Fashion at LASALLE College of the Arts (2007-2010) and collaborated on a vocational curriculum in Tailoring project for the Royal Government of Bhutan with UNDP Bhutan and Singapore International Foundation. Emma travels frequently throughout Central Asia and is currently working on development projects in the region, linking textile artisans to global markets.  

Emma is also Director in charge of Projects and Training for SPINNA Circle, a non-profit organisation working to empower women in fashion and textiles globally.  During 2014 SPINNA Circle managed and implemented a USAID-funded grant in Kazkakhstan and Uzbekistan, 'Empowering women in Central Asia by building capacity and linking markets through setting up SPINNA Circle hubs'  working with over 100 women from the region.  Five women artisans took part in a Skills Exchange workshop together with staff and students from the Fashion Directorate as part of this project.   This work is continuing in 2015 with further research and project implementation in the Central Asian region through a follow-on grant funded by USAID.

Research activities

Accepted to present paper, ‘Empowering women in fashion and textiles globally: enabling strategies for diversity in the global fashion and textiles industry’ together with co-researchers Kiran Gobin and Rupa Ganguli at Cfi Annual Conference: Diversity, Middlesex University, 19th May 2016.

Accepted to present paper, ‘The Politics and Aesthetics of Textiles on the Silk Road’ at 14th EASA Biennial Conference, Anthropological legacies and human futures, Department of Human Science for Education 'Riccardo Massa' and Department of Sociology and Social Research at University of Milano-Bicocca, 20-23 July, 2016. 

Dick, E. (2016, forthcoming) 'Constructing Fashionable Dress and Identity in Bhutan' in Craik, J. and Jansen M. A. (eds) Modern Fashion Traditions: Negotiating Tradition and Modernity Through Fashion.  London:  Bloomsbury, pp. 184 – 204. 

Dick, E. (2015) Articles on ‘Balenciaga, Cristobal’, ‘Delaunay, Sonia’, ‘Doucet, Jacques’, Ford, Tom’, Galliano, John’, Gaultier, Jean-Paul’, ‘Jacobs, Marc’, ‘Karan, Donna’, Klein, Calvin’, ‘Lacroix, Christian’, ‘Lagerfeld, Karl’, ‘Lanvin, Jeanne’, ‘Lauren, Ralph’, ‘Poiret, Paul’, ‘Ricci, Maria (Nina)’, ‘Saint-Laurent, Yves’, ‘Stölzl, Gunta’, ‘Straub, Marianne’, ‘Vionnet, Madeline’, ‘Vogue (International)’, in Bloomsbury Encyclopaedia of Design.  London:  Bloomsbury.  

Dick E., Gobin, K. and Thomas, P. (2015) 'Criticality in the Mediation of Fashion'. Paper presented at the ‘Textual Fashion’ International Conference at University of Brighton. 8-10 July.

Dick, E. (2015) ‘Building Textiles Networks in Central Asia,’ ADRI Research Seminar, Middlesex University, 18 November.

Dick, E. and Mullaniff, K. (2015) 'Garland at MYB', Exhibition & Artists’ Book, Morton Young & Borland, Newmilns, Ayrhsire, 4 June- 31 July.

Dick, E. and Mullaniff, K. (2015)  ‘Garland at MYB’ Presentation at ADRI SNAP Symposium, Middlesex University, 25 June.

Dick, E. (2015) 'Translating culture through building textiles networks in Central Asia' Invited speaker at RCA College-wide event 'Lost in Translation / Found in Translation', Royal College of Art, 27 February.

Dick, E. (2014) ‘Tradition and Modernity in Uzbekistan: Textiles and Fashionable Dress’, paper presented at panel on Mountain Economies.  British Association of South Asian Studies Conference at Royal Holloway, University of London, 2 April.

Dick, E. (2014) ‘Refashioning the Ottomans: Embodying the Golden Age through textiles and dress’. Panel on Negotiating the Ottoman Heritage. Middlesex University Symposium on Turkey, 10 October.

Dick, E. (2014) ‘Questions of Agency and the Artisan within Uzbekistan.’ Global Politics of Fashion Conference at University of Hong Kong, 27-28 November.

Dick, E. and O'Loughlin, M. (2014) ‘Leadership for Sustainability: Leading for Equality and the Future in Teaching’ paper presented at CREATE/feminisms: a symposium.  Middlesex University, 22 July.

Dick, E. (2014) ‘Travelling Textiles’ paper presented at ADRI SNAP Symposium, Middlesex University, 26 June.

Dick, E. (2013) 'The Business of Constructing Female Identity Through Fashion in Uzbekistan':  paper presented at the Second Non-Western Fashion Conference at London College of Fashion, 21 – 22 November.  Available online at: http://process.arts.ac.uk/content/emma-dick-presentation (date accessed 13 March 2016). 

Dick, E., Thomas, P. and Syratt-Barnes, M. (2013) 'A Museum of Fashion: Writing about Fashion Through Archive Collections' paper presented at the HEA-funded workshop 'Writing in Creative Practice workshop: Writing and the Object,' Middlesex University, 13 June.

Dick, E. (2013) 'The Places and Spaces of Textiles Production':  Paper presented at the PhD Architectural History Symposium at Middle East Technical University in Ankara, 10-12 January.

Dick, E. (2012) ‘Constructing Fashionable Dress and Identity in Bhutan', paper presented at the First International Conference on Non-Western Fashion.  Centre Jacques Berques pour les Etudes en Sciences Humaines et Sociales au Maroc, Rabat, Morocco.  20-21 October.  

Barnes, R., Dick, E., and Thompson, J. (2002) Textiles Through The Ages.  Oxford: Ashmolean Museum.