> > > Tate publishes new art book by Dana Arnold

Tate publishes new art book by Dana Arnold
A Short Book About Art, Tate Publishing, June 2015.

Tate publishes new art book by Dana Arnold

A Short Book About Art, written by the School of Art and Design's Professor of Architectural History Dana Arnold, presents a new way of comparing similarities between art movements, from cave paintings to contemporary multi-media work. 

Professor Arnold introduces a set of themes exploring materials, mind, devotion, power and sex in art that have inspired artists from prehistoric times to the present day. 

Professor Arnold explained how the inspiration for her book came after she noted so much art literature was written in "complex and incomprehensible language, which is simply not accessible to many audiences."

"The language used is rather off-putting and alienates people from exploring some of the wonders of the art world," she said.  "It's that exact reason that made me want to write an easily understandable, jargon-free short book, simply about art. 

"Take a walk through any museum or gallery, and we see how art is grouped together by movement, by geography, by age.  But what if we broke down those boundaries that surround the work, and we consider art from a different perspective.  That's exactly what this book looks at –what cave paintings can tell us about a Picasso sculpture made from a bicycle seat and handlebars, and what statues of Buddha have in common with Greek sculpture." 

A Short Book About Art is currently available through Tate online.

The book was featured in the Big Issue magazine on 22 June 2015.

Dana introduced the book and explained why classic narratives are not the only ways to understand our favourite paintings on The Monocle Weekly's Food for Thought online radio show, in interview with Andrew Tuck, Editor of Monocle Magazine, and Robert Bound.

Further media coverage of A Short Book About Art include an interview for the Robert Elms show on BBC Radio London and another one for BBC Radio Bristol in July.