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John Dack: invited speaker at international conference
23 March 2013, Berlin

John Dack: invited speaker at international conference in Berlin

John Dack has been invited to talk on 'open forms' at the conference: "Ihre Bühne, Ihr Spiel und Ihr Faust – Votre Faust oder Demokratie im Opernsaal" at the Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin on 23 March 2013.

The conferecne is organised in the context of the Berlin premier of Henri Pousseur’s 'variable opera' Votre Faust. According to the festival organisers work in progress - Berlin,

Henri Pousseur’s opera undoubtedly ranks among the works that have shaped the genre of musical theater in the late 20th century. Unlike the few works to which it can be compared, however, the novel aesthetic of Poussuer’s opera has never been performed in quite the way it was originally conceived. Finally, this unusual opera will be staged in a manner intended to do justice to Pousseur’s vision, while at the same time helping to bring it to the attention of the wider audience it deserves.