> > > Creative Time Summit broadcast at Middlesex 2 Nov 2018

Creative Time Summit Brodcast at Middlesex, 2 Nov 2018

Middlesex acts as broadcast partner for Creative Time Summit, 2 Nov 2018

Organised by Vlad Morariu, Middlesex acts as broadcast partner for the 11th Creative Time Summit, broadcast live from Miami

2 November 2018, 3pm - 10 pm GMT.

Event broadcast live in Atrium, Grove and in Williams Building W154.

Titled On Archipelagos and Other Imaginaries—Collective Strategies to Inhabit the World, it takes coalition as a central theme, and utilizes the archipelago as a framework to delve into Miami’s historical connection to the Caribbean and, by extension, to Latin America and the entire world. The topics under discussion will range from immigration and borders to climate realities, notions of intersectional justice, gentrification, tourism as an enabler for neocolonialism, and the roles art and activism can play in all these pressing issues.

The Summit will be made up of four thematic sections: “Facing climate realities, reimagining a green future,” “Toward an intersectional justice,” “Resisting displacement and violence,” and “On boundaries and a borderless future.”

These themes will be explored through community-driven breakout sessions, social events, roundtable discussions, workshops, panels, field trips, interactive performances, screenings, and other creative formats designed to share tools, strategies, and actions with over 1,000 international and local attendees.