> > > Phil Cleaver's new book out 14 April

Phil Cleaver's new book out 14 April

Phil Cleaver: What They Didn't Teach You in Design School

An essential tool for your first year in the real world

What They Didn’t Teach You In Design School will be released in April 2014.  In the meantime you can join the facebook group, for updates, free excerpts, and beautiful illustrations.

With record numbers of design and advertising students graduating into the job market each year, it makes more sense now than ever before to be fully armed to succeed.
This book helps new designers make the transition from design school to work, giving them the ammunition they need for a successful start. Here the reader will learn how to get that all-important first job, and how to impress their new employer. They will also have at their fingertips plenty of useful, practical information, essential to know in the design studio and when working for clients. Enriched with quotes and advice from some of the best and brightest in the industry, this book is where you will find out what they didn’t teach you in design school.

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