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Sonia Boyce presents keynote at Artquest conference
15 May 2013, London

Sonia Boyce presents keynote at FOR THE LOVE OF IT

A one-day conference organised by Artquest.

FOR THE LOVE OF IT explores the assumptions, expectations and myths of working as an artist today.

Date: Wednesday 15 May 2013
Location: Cecil Sharp House, 2 Regent's Park Road, London, NW1 7AY

This conference attempts to untangle and consider how issues such as education, money, collectivity, status and community impact on an artist’s practice and influence their goals. A day-long event, it will look at how artists control and shape the context they work within, asking whether it is still relevant to say that we do it ‘for the love of it’.

It aims to:

  • Contextualise ‘professionalism’ in visual arts practice in a recent historical context.
  • Open practical debates about how money impacts on independent arts practice – how earning it changes practice.
  • Consider independent arts practice as a combination of professional and amateur elements.
  • Showcase projects and opinions that provide alternative thinking about a holistic artistic practice.

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