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McIntyre - Animation Art in Exhibitions and Permanent Collections
Zabrina McIntyre, PhD student

An in-depth study of European and North American recognition of contemporary animation art in institutional exhibitions and permanent collections

This study, as it is currently conceived, will focus around the research questions: “Should Studio-Produced Animation Art Be Treated Equally As Single-Artist Produced Animation Art,” “(How) Does Animation Art Fit Within The Canon of Art History” and “Does Institutional Recognition of Animation Art Differ Between North America and Europe?”

The issues to explore in this research project address prejudice or discrepancies in the art world treatment of animation art with the intention to support the view that animation is a valid contemporary art form. The scope of this research will focus on institutions such as the art gallery and museum. These large institutions are already seen as the validating bodies of the art world where an art object’s lasting importance is signified through its acquisition, display and preservation within a respected institution. Through the decision to focus on institutions instead of festivals or cinemas, it reinforces the fine art treatment of animation with less emphasis on its recognition as film. In determining the level of recognition or validity, criteria will include which institutions exhibit the same animation exhibitions, how many institutions who exhibit animation art also have animation art as part of their permanent collection, how many catalogues are produced to accompany animation exhibitions, and how available an institution’s animation collection is to the public for either viewing or study.