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Tony Sullivan - 'Fashion, Marx, Capitalism'
21 November, 4:30pm, G230, Grove Building, Hendon Campus

'Fashion, Marx and Capitalism'

ADRI Seminar - Tony Sullivan

Tony Sullivan (London College of Fashion)

Thursday 21st November, 4:30pm

Room G230, Grove Building, Hendon Campus

An explicit connection with capitalism is made in many of the major critical works about fashion. Given this linkage it is odd that Marx, one of the foremost theorists of capitalism is, barring one or two exceptions, scarcely represented in the growing body of work which analyses fashion. This presentation explains how Marx’s rich conceptual framework can produce a depth of critical understanding of the dialectics of fashion socially, culturally and materially.

Dr. Tony Sullivan is Senior Lecturer in Cultural and Historical Studies at London College of Fashion. His current research interests revolve around materialist approaches to class, fashion, production and consumption. Recent work, drawing on his doctoral thesis of 2006 (‘Consuming Brands’) has used ethnography to study consumption of brands by British teenagers, drawing out issues of fashion and subjectivity, class and gender and the psychosocial economy of young people’s relationship to fashion brands. He is currently working on the entry for “fashion” in Blackwell’s forthcoming Encyclopaedia of Consumer Studies and this paper presents research for a chapter to be published in a forthcoming collection for IB Tauris, entitled Thinking Fashion through Theory.